Going Green Must Improve A Person’s Satisfaction Or It Is Not Going Green At All


    When one gains added joy from an experience, a pleasant sensation, when one feels better, or becomes more peaceful and feels contentment, than his quality of life is improved and he enjoys.  But if one suffers as a result of some action or a situation than his quality of life deteriorates.  Too often going green, as the term is now used, does not add to a person’s quality of life.  In such a case it is not really going green at all.  It is simply ersatz green.

If a building provides showers which utilize less water and you feel cold on  parts of your body where the water does not hit it, than your quality of life has suffered in comparison to a shower which immerses your whole body in warm soothing water that bathes you in  pleasant sensation.  Yet too often it is still called going green.  This is because the engineers or developers have achieved their aim with little regard for the end user.  The owner has saved on energy in heating the water used and in the amount of water actually used but the end user suffers.  This is truly unfortunate.

To be truly green one must enhance both the quality of a person’s life and result in added savings.  Failure to do both is double speak.  It is sham and nothing more.

Too often those in business do not see the difference between ersatz green and true green or do not want to see the difference because they come from a limited perspective.  They feel there has to be a trade off between efficiency and quality of life.  This is not so, especially when one comes from unlimitedness.  The person who actually experiences joy in the moment shares in the joy of others and so he reaps the very joy he gives.  But when one measures benefit strictly in terms of dollars, than there is a problem, for if I gain less dollars out of an action which enhances the quality of life of those around me than I have failed.  So business has preferred to accept going green simply as a means of conservation and increased profit without taking into account its effect on quality of life.  This is clearly a mistake.

How often have you gone into a green building and found it uncomfortable to be in.  Water faucets turn off before you have washed your hands completely.  Automatic towel rollers provide too little paper to dry with.  Air currents from the building’s heating, air conditioning and ventilation system cause drafts.  And when winter arrives, the humidity levels of air inside the structure often is too dry and  you feel uncomfortable.

Plant air purifiers make people feel better.  They improve a person’s quality of life and also add to energy efficiency.  They are what going green is all about. They bring less suffering to those who have asthma or allergies, they result in less disease, keep moisture levels within a building  at a human comfort level, and allow people to breathe in pure fresh air, air purified by nature.

Going green is more than just the bottom line.  It is enhanced satisfaction for all as well.  Plant air purification, makes this dream come true.