NASA’s New Magic Plant Eliminates Allergies

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Finally, after many years of testing and improving NASA’s plant air purifier (which literally eradicates poor indoor air), Phytofilter Technologies is now is now engaged in a global crowd-funding campaign on the website Indiegogo. Phytofilter Technologies has begun taking pre-orders through the site as to begin production of its extremely low maintenance plant air purifier system and we very much need your help in raising the funds necessary to do so.

The Phytofilter plant air purifier, which removes an extremely wide array of airborne pollutants from chemicals to germs, particulates to radiation, bio-regenerates its own filter, so it never needs a single replacement, thus lowering the cost of air purification by 67%. Our unit has also been developed with a self watering system, which self-monitors the root systems and triggers the water pumps on and off, greatly reducing the amount of plant maintenance needed by the owner.

According to the World Health Organization, poor indoor air quality kills more than 3.8 million people a year. Even worse, recent studies show that more than a billion people, mainly woman and children, find themselves in environments that can be up to a hundred times more contaminated than what is considered safe. Phytofilter Technologies believes that producing our Phytofilter plant air purifier system, we can go along way toward solving this globally growing problem.

In order for us to take the necessary steps forward, we need your help. So for anyone who donates to our campaign goal (any amount) will have the ability to purchase this unit, now or in the future, at a special low price of $985 as compared to $1389.98. Phytofilter Technologies has also announced that the first 500 units purchased will be sold at a 50% discounted price of $695.

Head on over to our Indiegogo campaign here and help us develop our Phytofilter plant air purifier system that will benefit the health of you and the people your care about most. Say no to poor indoor air quality.

We could really use your help.

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