Tobacco smoke contains some 4,000 different gases, particles and chemicals, including nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and cyanide.  It has more than 40 carcinogens or chemicals capable of causing cancer.  And according to the Surgeon General’s Report is estimated to cause more than 400,000 deaths in the U.S. annually.

Environmental Tobacco Smoke or passive smoke is a process which causes non-smokers to inhale tobacco smoke involuntarily.  Some of which is “sidestream smoke”–the smoke that smolders off the ends of cigarettes, cigars, or pipes.  This smoke has neither passed through a filter nor though the lungs of a smoker and is therefore far more potent, containing more tar, nicotine, particles and gasses than inhaled smoke.

There are approximately 47 million smokers in the U.S.  And while certain states have laws which ban smoking in certain areas, 24 states have not yet enacted statewide bans on smoking in all enclosed public places.  Nor has any state banned smoking in the home.

35 percent of American children,( 21 million children)  live in homes where residents or visitors smoke regularly and 43% of young children, age two months through 11 years, live in a home with at least one smoker.

Meanwhile three out of four non-smokers have lived with smokers and nearly half  (45%) are worried that secondhand smoke might cause them serious health problems, with good reason. .

Studies show that non smokers exposed to secondhand smoke are 20-30 percent more likely to develop lung cancer.

Women married to a smoker have a 91 percent greater risk of heart disease.

Children exposed to secondhand smoke:

Experience a total of seven million more days of missed school each year;

Have an increased risk of SIDS; and

Are more likely to have asthma, more visits to the hospital and more of a chance of respiratory infection.


People are concerned with secondhand smoke.  Millions are in danger.


Plant Air Purifiers get rid of second hand smoke.  They adsorb the toxic gases and chemicals; trap the particulates and scrub pollutants from the air.  Than microbes within the filter system digest these pollutants.  

Plant air purifiers are the solution to second hand smoke.

Millions of homes can use them.

Bars and restaurants which still allow patrons to smoke in public places need them.

There is a vast market out there just waiting for plant air purifiers to satisfy the need.