Portable units have been placed in various people’s homes for testing and here are some of the testimonials of various users. The names and addresses of those who gave the testimonials they have been removed to protect medical confidentiality:

As soon as I plugged in the system I noticed right away a difference in my breathing and sleeping.   In one week I noticed my headaches were coming less often.  My migraines  were 3 to 4 a week, but after using this filter they went to 1 a week, and they were less severe.When I stopped using the filter I had this migraine and needed 9 sedatives in a 24 hours period just to release some of the pain.
We all know miracles happen every day that we do not see.  This is a miracle to me for it has helped my seven month old grandson.  For the past five weeks he has not had to use the machine for his asthma.I had this cough for three weeks and my children had been sneezing continuously.  Every morning I would wake up with a thickness in my throat, and by the end of the day I would lose my voice.  After buying  the plant air purifier, plugged it in and went off to work.  That night I had the first peaceful night’s sleep I had in three weeks!!!  The thickness in my throat cleared up.  Everyone stopped sneezing and I could actually SING IN CHURCH again!!!
I had cancer of the Larynx.  Radiation makes my mouth dry.  I was up every hour or two to drink water.  My throat would be dry and caked from my sinus.  With the plant air purifier I sleep all night.  With a small amount of dryness.  No sinus.  Please give it a try.
There are 4 smokers living in our apartment and the plant air purifier works great.  It seems like the more pollutants there are the more the plant within it flourishes.  When you first walk into the apartment, the smell of stale smoke does not exist.
A real surprise came this summer when a friend of ours visited with her daughter whose name was Tabby. Tabby  had an allergy to cats and our friend was unaware we had one , not having seen us for a number of years.  When they came into the house.  When they came into the living room  the cat came strolling by and her mom said do you have any anti-histamines?  Tabby is VERY allergic to cats and since I didn’t expect to find one I don’t  have any with me.”  I told her that we did but would she mind experimenting with us.  We quietly told her about the plant air purifiers and the benefits we had derived from them and she agreed to wait and see what happened to Tabby.We visited all afternoon and evening, including them having dinner with us and no reaction from Tabby.  After dinner while we were chatting over coffee, Tabby sat and played with the cat.  She told her mom she would like a cat like this one, it doesn’t bother me,” she said.A few weeks earlier, they had stopped to see the mother’s sister and the sister had two cats in the house and had put the cats out and kept them out for six weeks prior to the visit, knowing how sensitive  Tabby was.  To her dismay, Tabby reacted to the cats almost instantly when she went through the door!!  This is a very big kudo for the plant air purifiers because it was unplanned and a real surprise.Again, we want to thank you for introducing us to these fantastic plants and we will keep spreading the word about them.
When we have to leave the house, particularly now that it is hay fever season, we can hardly wait to get back into the house where the air is clean and not health threatening.  A purer haven to come home to is heaven.
I recently tested and evaluated a plant air purifier.  Our business entity represents the sickest of the sick, always manifesting multiple chemical sensitivies, electromagnet frequency sensitivies, multiple fool and inhalant allergies and an array of conventional medical diagnoses ranging from chronic fatigue, to depression, hypoglycemia, lupus, etc.  Almost all clients are  autoimmune, indicative of the inability of their immune systems to even remotely protect their bodies from routine, everyday encountered, airborne stresses.  The plant air purification system is the most efficient user-friendly unit of my experience.  It controls dust, mold, odors and other airborne inhalants that otherwise had remained untouched by our high-tech system.  It is easy to care for and requires no cleaning or replacement of filters.
I’ve had hay fever allergies from birth and since I’ve been using the plant air purifier, my reactions have completely subsided.
My husband has a chronic sinus condition.  Also one of his ears has been blocked causing some hearing loss.  After using the plant air purifier the couhgh s disappeared and he could hear again.  What a relief for him.  Still my husband was not a total believer of the plant air purifier and I loaned ti to my in-laws to try.  The cough is now back and his ear is blocked.  Now he is begging me to bring the plant air purifier back home.
David who was a champion snorer has become nearly silent at long last.It has eliminated those frightening moments when Dave seems to stop breathing, snores deeply and then starts breathing again.Peggy has also enjoyed an end to what we have always called “morning sickness”, which is due to copious amounts of mucus being ingested during the night.Also she has not taken any allergy medicine since the day after the plant air purifiers arrived.