Why will PhytoFilter Technologies, Inc be so Successful at Selling Plant Air Purifiers

Why will PhytoFilter Technologies, Inc. be so Successful at Selling Plant Air Purifiers?

  • Because PFT’s plant air purifiers need no replacement filters

  • Because PFT’s plant air purifiers naturally clean and purify the air,.

  • Because PFT’s plant air purifiers are regenerative and the core elements of the system do not break down.

  • Because plant air purifiers digest air pollutants rather than just collect them.

  • Because plant air purifiers only get more efficient with age.

  • Because plant air purifiers are the only form of air purifying technology which is truly safe and green. and

  • Because plant air purifiers specifically adapt themselves to the particular environment in which they find themselves.

As mentioned earlier the air purifier market relies on filters to trap certain pollutants.  Once filled, the filter than needs replacement.  The purchase of a new filter can be expensive, time consuming and generally inconvenient.  Those who own air purifiers do not like to replace filters within their air purifiers.  Often they do not do so and the air purifier then ceases to function properly.  This can often lead to malfunction.  Certain other air purifiers use ionizers to attach a charge to airborne particles.  These particles then attach themselves to plates in the air purifier or to the walls of the structure, which take on a darkened hue and must be cleaned on a regular basis. Owners of air purifiers do not like to have to regularly clean their air purifiers, or the walls in their homes when ionizers are used.  Plant air purifiers make obsolete an ineffective technology and the expense and labor they entail.