Phytofilter Technologies, Inc. forms The Phytofilter Technologies Institute

Phytofilter Technologies, Inc. has just formed a 501c3 known as The Phytofilter Technologies Institute whose purpose is to disseminate information on plant air purification. This organization is an AIA provider of continued education credits and the presentation deck for its lecture “An Alternative for Mass Ventilation First Discovered by NASA” is here provided. This presentation deck will be very helpful to anyone wanting to understand how plant air purification can dramatically affect inhabitants of buildings when so installed. It talks about the different contaminants in poor indoor quality air in depth, how plant air purification deals with a great deal of the illness we suffer, how up front costs of installation of such a system can be provided by many government programs and how it can dramatically affect the number of credits a LEED project can obtain. Plus it talks about how plant air purification was first discovered. I think you will find it interesting. Please take a look by clicking on the link below.